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4 1 The Essential Role of Transaction Analysis Financial Accounting


This is one the classic crossed transactions that occurs in marriage. Instead of the Respondent’s Adult responding with “I think they’re on the desk”, it is the Respondent’s Child that responds back. In this example, Sally’s Adult reached the conclusion that data in her Parent was valid. Her Parent had been taught “always turn pot handles into the stove, otherwise you could get burned.” And with her analysis of her brother’s experience, her Adult concluded that this was indeed correct. Here is a general overview of the most important Transactional Analysis concepts. Transactional analysis integrates the theories of psychology and psychotherapy because it has elements of psychoanalytic, humanist and cognitive ideas.

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For example, the study of chemistry was revolutionized with the atomic theory of John Dalton; without the atom as a fundamental unit, the advancement of chemistry as a science would have proceeded slowly or not at all. By identifying and defining a transaction, Berne provided to the psychotherapeutic sciences the “atom” that was needed to allow for rigorous analysis. Before Berne first published his theories on Transactional Analysis, he spent years formulating the framework of this approach. The key to this methodology was a transaction – the fundamental unit of social intercourse.

What is your current financial priority?

  • The FDIC Board reserves authority to deny a merger application or otherwise act on any merger transaction for which one or more factors are not favorably resolved.
  • If we subtract the salvage value from thehistorical cost, and divide by the useful life, we get the annualdepreciation expense.
  • Those costs, known generally ascost of goods sold, are immediately netted against therevenue collected from the transaction.
  • Although size alone may not be dispositive, the Proposed SOP indicates that a resulting institution with $100 billion or more in assets is more likely to present potential financial stability concerns, and thus will be subject to added scrutiny.
  • As a result, most of itsday-to-day financial activity will involve revenues and expenses.Revenues and expenses affect the income statement.

Whether or not you choose to adopt ‘I’m OK – You’re OK’ as a life philosophy, Transactional Analysis can be a useful tool for thinking about interactions in a slightly different way. If introduced to a whole team, group or family, it can also provide a common language, which often helps to facilitate relationships in itself. It also provides some practical ideas for approaching difficult situations and relationships. With this is mind, you can start to identify who is involved in your day-to-day transactions, and you can also start to see how you might change the world, at least a little. The basis of Transactional Analysis is to identify which of the three parts, Parent, Adult or Child, is involved in the transaction, and then take appropriate action.

What are the Steps of Transaction Analysis?


With high liquidity and cost effectiveness, futures are attractive for this purpose. This growth has prompted greater scrutiny of execution costs as investors seek evidence that all is being done to protect returns. Double Entry Bookkeeping is here to provide you with free online information to help you learn and understand bookkeeping and introductory accounting. Chartered accountant Michael Brown is the founder and CEO of Double Entry Bookkeeping. He has worked as an accountant and consultant for more than 25 years and has built financial models for all types of industries.


Role of Accounting Equation in Transaction Analysis

There the“transaction” in question is when an employer pays wages to anemployee, and that transaction denotes the earnings on which theincome tax is based. Part a) recognizes the collections accounting services for startups of property taxes during2015 and during the first two months of 2016. OP collected $30million in each of the first three months, but according to GAAP,only the first 60 days are available.

What is the approximate value of your cash savings and other investments?

  • From Berne’s perspective, the adversely affected children in Spitz’s studies exhibited physical and emotional deficits due to a lack of strokes.
  • However, there is actually an underlying, subtle message given from the sender’s child or parent state, to be received by the responder’s child or parent state.
  • Berne also defined a stroke – the fundamental unit of social action (strokes are discussed in more detail later in this paper).
  • Lastly, the third one stands out as a strong brand with a solid worldwide presence and creative bent.
  • Here Treehouse has swapped a liquid asset (cash)for a less liquid asset (equipment).
  • If it had to payfor otherwise donated goods and services, those purchases wouldcertainly affect its financial position and its service-deliverycapacity.

The Proposed SOP would update, strengthen, and clarify the FDIC’s approach to evaluating mergers under the BMA. The comments received in response to the 2022 RFI have helped inform the content of the Proposed SOP, and publishing the Proposed SOP for public comment will give the FDIC an additional opportunity to benefit from public input. Additionally, concurrent with the Proposed SOP, the FDIC is seeking comment on proposed revisions to its supplemental section to the interagency Bank Merger Act application form. The FDIC has a responsibility to promote public confidence in the banking system, maintain financial stability, and resolve failing IDIs. For various reasons, including their size, sources of funding, and other organizational complexities, the resolution of large IDIs can present significant risk to the Deposit Insurance Fund.


Another important thing to know before you can analyze a transaction is that accounting professionals use a double-entry accounting system. A double-entry accounting system is one that is based on the premise that for every one transaction at least two accounts will be affected. The sales revenue, cash, cost of goods sold and inventory accounts will be affected by the transaction. This is because the capital account is credited when capital increases. In the above example, the two accounts involved are the cash account and capital account, both of which are increasing.

The Interagency Bank Merger Act Application Form sets forth a series of information requests to gather information relevant to the FDIC’s evaluation of the statutory factors. FDIC staff thoroughly analyze the application and all supporting exhibits and materials. As necessary, any follow-up questions, issues, or information needs are communicated to the applicant and the other applicable regulators. The FDIC will acknowledge the application acceptance in writing.


If a government agrees to pay a legalsettlement, it will recognize an expenditure only if thatsettlement is paid out of current financial resources. If thatpayment is paid by the government’s insurance company, or is paidout of long-term financial reserves, then no expenditure isrecognized. Here agovernment reports an expenditure as payments are made, but unlikeon the accrual basis, interest on the debt is not accrued. Thisalso applies to other occasional transactions in areas likeinventory and pre-paid items. But in general, most expenditures arerecognized much the same as expenses. For a full treatment ofexpenditure recognition concepts consult one of the many finetextbooks on governmental accounting.

Transaction analysis is a process of identifying the accounts involved in a transaction, determining the nature of those accounts and finally analyzing the transaction’s financial impact on business. Sequentially, it is a part of overall journalizing process which is the next step of accounting cycle. Each business transaction must be properly analyzed so that it can be correctly journalized and made part of entity’s accounting record. The accounting transaction analysis described in the six steps above, is best set out in table format to ensure that important considerations about the transaction are not overlooked. Payroll is critical because personnel is thelargest expense for most public organizations. From theorganization’s perspective, payroll is an expense because theorganization is receiving a service from its employees.

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